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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  August 29, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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wednesday, august 29th. 3 3
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fiber map 3 the mayor announces a new police commissioner this week. week.the newly appointed commissioner comes from oakland california.
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california.tom rodgers is here with more on his plans for our city... aloog with your other mayor awllngs-blake introduccd our new pommissioner anthony atts &phere on fox45 earlier this mo. experience in law decades of - departments in oakland and long beach. most recently he was the cce-o of a police consulting firm and served ass university.batts told us here at fox45... he's ready to weave himself into the fabric of baltimore. ((22:27:11 you come in and put my r tweaks on things... from - command staff :29)) :29))batts' firrt ddy on the job... will be september 22th. by the way... outside of law enforcement... ommissioner patts said issalrrady a huge ravens fan. 3
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we are following a developing story out of baltimore county.... police shoot a naked mannoutside of a motel in happened just before 4 this morning aa the beetway motel on washington boulevard.they say a 42 year out of the window of his motel room and charged at police. that's when they shot him.he was taken to shock word on his condition this morniig. 3 police are still trying to find a motive for monday'' shooting at perry hall high school .... but we now know what the shooter looks like. here's the mug-shot of 15-year old robert gladden junior. he's being chaaged as an adult for attempted murder. murder. joel d. smith is live at the high school now with more deeails on what he smuggled into school, and where he got the weapon that put a classmateein critical condition. good morning
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joel d. ood morning patrice and tom... . his appearance... ... hidden on hii facebook page is finally revealed in a mug shot. 15 year old robert gladden s things.police say he took perry hall high monday for the first day of alrrady had a --dismantled----oubled barreled rounds of ammo... and a bottle of vodka in his backpack . a bathroom near the cafeteria.. and at third period, gladden where he pulled out the weapon and -randomly- fired, striking, old named daniel in the lower back. stable condition right now. police describe how gladden concealed the huge gun. (police)" we know he (police)" we now e went to
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that bathroom and assembled thht weapon, e placed the weapon inside his garments.. shirt and trousers.. and the weapon was approx 34 inches in lennth.. " " gladden's parents are divorced and policc say he got the double barrelled hotgun home in middle river. at - gladden's mothers housee.. pollce ended up arresting his sttp father andrew piper on separate illegal weapon and drug charges. police say they dd not have a motive yyt, and have not received any information that bullying played a role in the crime. next half hour we'll look at the role of social media and what the principal &pwants students and parents to look for online. in perry haal, joel d. smiih, fox 45 3 morning news. d. smith, fox 45 in perry hall, joel look for online. and parents to look for online. in perry hall, joel d. mith, fox 45 morning news.. the only student injured in monday's shooting.... is a special needs student, who
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remains in critical condition at shock trauma this morning. mooning.his family only wants him identified as daniel. daniel.they released a statement on tuesdaa... reading... "we would like to personally thank school personnel who quickly responded ... getting daniel to safety.. safety..we would also like o thank baltimore county e-m-s... baltimore county and maryland ssatt police who quickly transported danielto the ár. adams cowlly... shock trauma center." center."the family asks privacy. to respect their - we're tracking a developing story out of louisiana... levees in plaquemines parish began to overflow... because of hurricane isaac. like at this hour in new orleans. ((áááad lib sceneáá)) animation... offan 18-mile stretch of the levee... where water is running.there have been reports of up to 12-feet of water in homes in that town.
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police are going from house to house.. looking ffr residents who remained after an evacuation order.plaquemines parish is the town 60 miles &psouth of new orleans... where isaac ffrst made landfall last night. hurricane isaac proves it's power ... and provides some laughs for a family in florida. florida.rain//aughter misty hiatt shot this video oo her husband fighting the raii in pensacoll tuesday.i'm guessing his wife alleady knew it was a bad idea ... and that's why she got the camera out in the first place. 3
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it looks like the x-factor may be getting the ábieber fever.á rumors has itt phe teen sensatioo may jjin thh fox talent competition show for their uppoming season. season. souuces say bieber will serve as a celebrity menttr as a part of heart throb will appear after the show narrows down the top a new talk show... with a face.((go ricki, go rickii go ricki, go ricki)) picki))coming up... ricki lake is coming back o daytime t- v... this morning she joins us live in our studio to talk more about her ew show... and answer questions from you. &p you're watching fox 45 good day
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baltimmre. ((break 1))))- 3
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the maryland state fair isn't just about the rides it's also about the foods.this year they are offering a red velvet funnel cake. cake.emily gracey is live at the maryland state live t the maayland state fair for this 3 mornings hometown hotspot. - what is the red velvet funnel cake?- how did
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they come up with the idea to dd a red velvet funnel cake?- have you tried it? it? the maryland state fair runs through september 3rd.
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victorii justice is coming to the maryland state fair on friday at are available now at maryland state fair dot com.but we want to get you into the show for fr. wins a family 4 pack of tickets toothe show. she's one of 9-hundred million users... but one facebook user is getting a lot of attention. woman is setting a ecord for the ocial network.. network.. you're watching fox 455good day baltimore. ((break 2)) [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday.
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existed.... but 1-hundred -and-1 year old florence detlor shows she's kept up with the times. &ptimes.florence is a member of
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facebook... and out of oldest registered user.this week she got a chance to meet at facebook's californiaa headquarters... she just happens to live thh way... ight now florence has nearly 14-hundred friends. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 friends.nearly 14-hundreddfriends. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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not quession is:there are 50 music legends featured on the sculpturrabelieve ittor not? 3 3 3 do áyouá "believe it or not?" &plet us know your answer at faceeooo dot com slash on the inside fox45 tab and fill out the form to enter. enterrtomorrow we'll randomly select a winner with the get a pair of passes to "ripley's bblieve it or not"" at the innnr harbor.go to foxbaltimore dot com ffr &pmany of us grew up watching her... now ricki lake is back with a new show. show.coming uu... ricki lake joins us in our studio to answer our questions about her return to ddytime. daytimeebut first... pick the right pet for your famill.the questions you need to ask
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yourself before adding a new four-legged friend to the household. you're a red flag is... when they don't
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have a job!" [laughter]... if you're getting mixed signals from your date... and can't tell a red flag from a green light... have we got some great advise for you! "it's a green light when they love jesus more than they love you." [applause] "you took mine!" "it's a red flag when it's always everybody else's fault." "it's a green light if they add to your joy instead of subtracting from it." anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it.
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four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. have one pet and ready for another?sometimme it's hard to know if you're truly ready for a second pet and if that second pet is right for you. katie flory from the spca joins us live in studdo ith more.- ok...we have one pet and we want another..what should we
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consider before gettiig a second pet ?- if we have a dog, should ourr second pet be a dog...or
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shoulddwe change it up a bit maybe a cat and a dog ...?- befooe getting another pet how can we determine if that pet is right katie flory will be answeeing any questions you may pet ... in the next half ho. &phour.half hour. ... in the next have about your questtons you may annwering any katie flory will be answering any questions you may answering ann qqestions you mmy have half hour. if you have a questton... send us a tweet at commenn on our facebook page still to comeeon fox45 good day baltimore - a beloved baltimore businessman passes away.. and pow people are rallying ii his honor... how you ..too.. can help honor the memory oo pcunny mccusker. mccusker. you're &pwatching fox 45 good ay baltimore. ((bbeak 4))
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-gulffcoast -being hit by hurricane isaac
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3 3
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fiber map 3 fiber map 3 the student accused offthe shooting at perry hall hhgh school is charged as an adult. robert gladden wws harged tuessay.thissas new details about the shoooing and the
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victim continue to emerge.tom rodgerr is here with mmre on how gladden got the weapon... and a look at theeother top stories of the day.good morningg tom. police say robert gladden junior got the weaaon from his fathee's home, and smuggled it into the school in pieces. but thht's not all he brought. joel d. smith is live for the third day at thh school .... now with ttat answer and if bullying is still a possible motive. good morning joel d. d. ood morning patrice and tom... . this is how big the gun is that was used.... ((ad lib))his appearance... ... hidden on his facebook page is shot. revealed in a mug - 15 year old robert gladden is ccarged with attempted murder, among other things.police say pe took tte school bus to
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perry hall high monday for the first day of classes, and already had a --dismannled--- doubled barreled shotgun... 21 rounds of ammo... and a bottle of vodka in his backpack . poliie say he hid in a bathroom near the cafeeeria.. and at third period, gladden headed to lunch where he pulled out he weapon and -randomly- fired, striking, striking a 17 year old named daniel in the lower stable condition riggt now. part of the investiggtion is red flags seee to be everywhere. (police)"we are reeiewing multiple social media sites e are trying to reconstruct what was said.. who knew what who did what." (22:52:24) (principal) "i think in terms of looking at it closer, i don't know if any more or less of what we have cause there's so much out there and so much volume of information.." information...." gladden's parents are divorced and police say he got the double barrelled shotgun from his biological father's home in middle river. at glldden's mothers house... police ended up arresting his step father andrrw piper on separate illegallweapon and drug
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we asked the principal yesterday here, what shouud students or parents do if they see similar threatening facebook postings like gladden nottfy the school as soon aa possible.... because like he said theyycan not monitor live in perry hall, morning news. the victim in the victim in monday's school shooting remains in criticallbut stable condition this morning. morning.17 year old daniel was struck in the lowee back in the high school's cafeteria on monday.his family released a statement thanking the people who helped saae his life... but asks everyone to respect their privvcy. that is why we are not saying daniels last pame....the upport for daniel.. who has down syndrome... has been huge. websites are popping up asking people to pray for im. people areealso coming together for him on twitterr.. daniel is a lady gaga fannand so hissfriends are asking lady gaga to visit him.everyooe from students to ravens players like torrey smith hhs already been tweeeing "trying to get my teammates to
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tweet...gaga visit daniel...they will...thhy are all retweeting the message in hopes that singer will respond. the search resumes this morning for the body of a missinggboater in baltimore cou. county. the coast guard says the an jumped into frog mortar creek near martin state &pairport to help two swimmers who were later rescued. an extensive rescue operation got underway... but was turned into a recovery operation about 5-thirty last night.but as of this mornnng... that man has still not been ffund. a beloved baatimore rest todayy today. patrick "scunny" accideet in ocean city friday. friends and family held a he was best known as the owner of nacho maaa's restaurant in cantonn. aad a community leader who supported many charitable causes.his funnral is set for this morning... at 10:30 at the cathedral of mary our queen. 3several restaurants on the square in canton are honoring scunny with a fundraiser today... by carrying on his legacy of charity.the restaurants on your screen...
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will donate 30 percent of all daily sales to one of scunny's favorite causes.... "believe in tomorrow children's foundation." a race car in the grand prix will also feature a logo natty boh is sponsoring car 48.... and will feature a weeping mr. boh..hh car will be on display tonight in o'donnell square before the race this weekend.scunny is well known for brrnging natty work continues this morning on east monument street to repair sinkhole sinkholecrews filled the hole again after weekend rains waahed tons of material away. several homes were vacuated mmnday.those evacuations have been lifted, and the sidewalks are open.the timetable stays the same- it could be into povember when the road is finally reopened. washington d-c tops a new list... of the most accident-prone cities in the u-s.that's according to new research by "allstate." "allstate."driiers in d-c
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average one accident... per every 4-point-7 years.coming in second... is ábaltimoreá... with an average of one crash every 5-point-3 years. "allssate" says distractions like texting while driving are to blame for the high number. 3 covering new ground... with a familiar sound. sound.((go ricki, go ricki, go ricki, go ricki)) ricki)) coming up... ricki lake is making a comeback.she joins us in studio in just about 10 minutes to talk about how herr new daytime show has evolved since her first show. plus... meteorologiit steve fertig is tracking isaac in the gulf ... the very latest on the sttrm and how it's affecting our eather here in next. you're watching
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fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5))
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3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 meteorologgst))((ad lib ((toss to weather)) ((break 5)) baltimore. good day baltimore. ((break 5)) ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib mettorologist))
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3 meteorologist)) breaking bad pet behavior... on everything... next.jumping if you have a pet question for the s-p-c-a... give us a call right now at 410-481-4545. 3
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we are back with atie flory from thees-p-c-a . she is here to answer questions you may have about your pet... so now is your chance to get free advice... now.-once we have decided to t get another pet what other things should we take into &pconsideration about a second
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pet? 3 jamie - "my kitten is beginning to jump on counters, furnnture, and even he &pentertainment center. i tried using a squirt bottle and yelling, but nothing seems to work. how can i break her from this behavior?" 3 pamela says - "our --linnea baltimore baltimore--linnea baltimore baltimore 3
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3 pamela says - "our 6-month-old cat 'bella' is being very mean kitten. what can we do to help her adjust?" adjust?" -3 dionne - "i have an adult full breed himalayan cat and i would like to get a yorkie a second pet. would they get along?"
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a nnw talk show... a new talkk show... with an experienced hos. host.she's calling it ricki lake 2-point-oh... coming up ... we talkkto ricki about what's nnw and different about her nnw show. you're ((go ricki, go ricki, go
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ricki, go ricki)) ricki)) we are back with talk show host ricki lake. she joined us ii our last hour to tell us all abouu her new show coming to our sister station the c-w baltimore. starting september 10th, you'll e able tt see her every weekday at 4pm. now she's back to answer your questions. questions. 3 3 mic asks, "how does it feel being back on the competition? " "april says, will there beespecial guests we can
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look forward to, or is it everyday people involved in the topics?" topics?" my- "i love you ricki. youuwere amy- "i love youu ricki. you wereeone of the best talk ssow hosts ever and it would be awesome if you started another show. what have you been doing with yourself over thh years?"
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years?"nick - "what is your fondest memory of baltimooe?"
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you can catch the premierr of the ricki lake show september 10th at 4 p-m on our sister station.. the c-w baltimore. 3 you're waaching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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the grand organizers ce on fox45 news at five3
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